Alternative to the hair transplant

BioBio implants are implanted under local anesthesia and one by one into the scalp until you obtain the desired hair density.

The doctor and Patient decide together before the intervention to implant hair color, length, shape (smooth, curly, curly), their inclination and areas that require more hair to achieve the desired aesthetic effect.

Once the implementation is complete, the patient may resume its activities without any problems, with a full head of hair Biofibres that will be difficult to distinguish from natural hair and styling is

BIOFIBRES have obtained:

  • the EC 0373 marking within the meaning of Directive 93/42 / EEC
  • the certification of its quality, implemented according to the standard UNI EN ISO 13485 management system
  • the inclusion in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (Administration TGA)
  • the registration of its medical devices to the health departments of all countries where Biofibre Hair Implant System is used.

A scientific work, presented at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Biofibre Hair Implant System, received the first prize of the Scientific Committee of the ISHRS (ISHRS10th Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA, October 9-13, 2002).

The prestigious scientific journal Dermatologic Surgery has published the article "Artificial Hair Fiber Restoration in the Treatment of Scalp Scars" -.