Follicular Unit Extractio
n (FUE)
Hair transplant by the new technique of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) SAFER

What is that FUE Neograft?

Less invasive than the traditional technique of the Strip, the "Follicular Unit Extraction" (EUF) does not use scalpel without scar in the sampling zone for fast sampling while enabling quality optimization plugins. The aspiration of plugins allows from will not be damaged.



Dr. AMAT uses since 2010 this technique patented by the company French Medicamat with punch hair matic or called NeoGraft yet in the United States.

This technique is used for the removal of the graft (follicular unit), each UF provides 1 to 5 hair. 500 grafts transplantation corresponds to 1000 hair on average.

Schematically, the practitioner extracts each graft (follicular unit) from the donor area using a wins cylindrical part (micro punch) and founder it directly to the recipient with an implanter area level or the clamp. The removal and relocation of the graft are made without intermediate cutting as is the case in the technique of test strips require a large team of personnel qualified to decrease the time of realization of the cuts.

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Dr. Richard AMAT

Doctor Morphologue and anti-aging graduate, qualified by the College of physicians (registration No. 52/1249), specialist in medicine aesthetic sights and Lasers, graduate of the Mesotherapy IUD and hair implants. This site is designed to complement the information provided to the patient (s) candidate (s) to an aesthetic Act and cannot replace a medical consultation.


The conduct of the FUE Technique

A meeting of hair transplantation technique F.U.E. automated occurs in 4 stages.

1 – Preparation of the donor area:

Shaving – Local anesthesia

2 – Collection and storage of plugins:

Automated plugins collection

Quality of grafts FUE SAFER

3 – Preparation of the recipient area:

Local anesthesia – realization of small incisions to receive grafts

4 – Implementation of plugins:

Automated implementation of the grafts in each incision

Follicular unit sampling

Dr. AMAT FUE grafts


Is made from a micro-punch of variable size depending on the quality of the follicular units (between 0.8 and 1.0 mm on average).
This instrument allows by its edge sharp and circular, to isolate a follicular unit of all his skin and greasy ties.

Once isolated, the follicular unit is recovered and then relocated to the bald area.
The follicular units taken at the rear of the skull keep their properties during the implementation areas recipients (temporal gulfs, tonsure, etc).

This allows to have androgen-insensitive hair and therefore to androgenic alopecia.




Sampling area

Variable, depending on the number of grafts, on average 4 to 5 cm
Insensitive to baldness follicular units that retain this property when the




Settlement area

J7 after hair transplant
The crusts are still a little visible, note the rapid regrowth of plugins.
But these fall naturally, the follicle remained in place allows the regrowth of new hair.

The results are definitive only after 3 to 6 months, corresponding to the natural cycle of hair.

density FUE dr AMAT


Density obtained with the new FUE technique


Transplant 1000 grafts FUE dr AMAT


Natural look in implementation, observance of the direction of the hair

The advantages of the Technique FUE SAFER

It offers a number of advantages for the patient as for the practitioner over the same technical practiced in the traditional way.

For the patient:

The intervention under simple local anaesthesia is faster (operating time divided at least twice) and thus less painful for the patient who can read, listen to music or watch a movie during the phase of re implantation.
the extraction and relocation phases automated plugins are optimized compared to the manual method: low percentage of transection, lesser trauma of the grafts during extraction, storage and relocation phases, guaranteeing a perfect hair re-growth and optimal aesthetic results.


More rapid response improves the comfort of the practitioner during this careful intervention including minimizing eye strain.

The quality of every meticulous gesture of the practitioner is optimized up through the unit.
The need for very small staff eases the overall management of the intervention.

-Phase sampling of plugins

Rotary punch provides free and fast graft cutting. A polyethylene sleeve that the length is adapted to each case depending on the characteristics of the scalp of the patient is threaded on the punch to stop making the gesture of sampling precision and rapidity.
The vacuum allows a sample accurate, fast and without trauma of graft since only the superficial DermIS is "punche."
The grafts before implantation waiting time is shortened which limits their suffering and increase their chance of survival.

-Phase reimplatation of plugins

The vacuum of the relocation of the unit handpiece allows seizure of the grafts without trauma.
The implementation is more precise

Disadvantages of FUE Technique

  • Indication to redensify areas.
  • Limited to small grafts to averages, not of "mega-graft".
  • Cost higher than the technique by Strip.